Request Message Format

Sample request message:

 "type": "[REQUEST_NAME]",
 "req_id": "some-string-of-your-choosing",
 "fetch": true,
 "listen": true,
 "start_block": -500,
 "irreversible_only": true,
 "with_progress": 5,
 "data": {...}

All requests are formed with these parameters, where type is the type of the request, and req_id is a token referred to by future commands (client or server).

These arguments are available for most commands (unless otherwise noted):


type required string
The type of the message.

data required object
A free-form object, specific to the type of request.

req_id optional string
An ID to associate responses back with the request.

start_block optional integer
Block at which you want to start processing. It can be an absolute block number, or a negative value, meaning how many blocks from the current head block on the chain. Ex: -2500 means 2500 blocks in the past, relative to the head block. 0 means the beginning of the chain. See Never missing a beat.

irreversible_only optional boolean
Defaults to false. Limits output to events that happened in irreversible blocks. Only supported on get_action_traces.

fetch optional boolean
Defaults to false. Whether to fetch an initial snapshot of the requested entity.

listen optional boolean
Defaults to false. Whether to start listening on changes to the requested entity.

with_progress optional integer
Frequency of the progress of blocks processing (within the scope of a req_id). See Never missing a beat.